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4 Angels Day Care's Philosophy:

Our personal philosophy of education begins in a child centered environment in early stages of development where the only work a child has is meaningful exploration and play. This play will promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of every child involved and will be done in an inclusive setting that promotes multicultural, non-sexist and non-stereotypical experiences, nutrition, personal hygiene and safety.

Our Objective:
We provide individual, small and large group developmentally appropriate activities that will maximize opportunities for learning through exploration and play. We are trained to meet the needs of the whole child in a loving and respectful manner. Each child is treated as an individual personality with the utmost importance being placed on self-esteem and verbalization of one’s feelings. It is our goal to provide a safe, nurturing environment while offering a wide range of activities that foster social skills, problem solving and, first and foremost, having fun while learning and growing. Key emphasis will be placed on language and literacy, math concepts, science, art, physical development, and social/emotional competence.

Some Goal Examples Include:

Language and Literacy
•Understand and tell stories
•Recognize pictures, words, and stories
•Recognize and recite ABC’s
•Understand that writing is communication

Math Concepts
•Count and sort objects into groups
•Recognize shapes
•Make comparisons of size, shape, length, and weight

•Explore the natural environment
•Observe seasonal changes
•Communicate observations
•Use tools to measure
•Express ideas and thoughts in creative ways
•Paint, draw, and sculpt
•Listen to music, and sing songs
•Recognize colors

Physical Development
•Move with balance and coordination
•Participate in indoor and outdoor physical activity
•Use writing tools, puzzles, scissors, blocks, clay, and computers

Social/Emotional Competence
•Play and work cooperatively
•Follow classroom rules
•Interact positively with other children and adults
We encourage, respect and acknowledge the fact that every child is an individual that learns at his/her own pace and in his/her own way. We give these children love and attention and the opportunity to make choices according to their own individual preferences and curiosities. Our philosophy and practices adapt according to changes in the educational process and the children’s needs. We take pride in what we do, for example:

P = Providing guidance to children in getting along with one another, learning, and providing new and challenging learning experiences.
R = Remembering to keep the program flexible and provide a lot of positive reinforcement.
I = Interacting with children, parents and the community in order to foster mutual respect.
D = Demonstrating respect for cultural and ethnic diversity and modeling positive behaviors.
E = Encouraging independence while still giving lots of comfort and love.

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